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Other assembly actions

  • Noting the presence of Latinos in their midst, members of the New Jersey Synod asked for a Hispanic to be named as an assistant to Bishop Roy Riley. The resolution said a Spanish-speaking assistant would be a "sign of seriousness about the celebration of the Hispanic presence and ministry among us in New Jersey." It was referred to synod council.

  • The Sierra Pacific Synod passed a resolution on child abuse and neglect, urging congregations to learn more about protecting children and to reach out to kids around them.

  • With the school shootings in Littleton, Colo., and elsewhere in mind, the Eastern North Dakota Synod resolved to do more to reach out to youth, especially those at risk of violence. The Southern California (West) Synod encouraged congregations to become "Safe Havens for Children."

  • The Indiana-Kentucky Synod created an older adult ministry to reach out to people 55 and older.

  • The Oregon Synod called for the end of logging on old-growth forests and public land.

  • With many of its farmer constituents in crisis, the Southeastern Iowa Synod resolved to help develop resources to train rostered staff to serve people in the crisis and educate others about it. The St. Paul Area Synod voted to work toward a solution to the farm crisis.

  • The Southeastern Synod asked the Churchwide Assembly to direct the ELCA Board of Pensions to study the feasibility of adding long-term-care benefits to the ELCA health benefits package.

  • The Oregon, Southern California (West) and Southeastern Pennsylvania synods supported the U.N. declaration of 2000-2010 as "A Decade of Nonviolence."

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