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A souvenir ... cartoon?

At the Global Mission Event, humor & hunger meet on the sketch pad

Participants at ELCA Global Mission Events routinely return home with new insight about a global neighbor or a new song they’ve learned. But until this year, they haven’t returned home with a souvenir cartoon of themselves.

At least 35 people left this year’s Global Mission Event at Ohio State University , Columbus, with a cartoon they vowed to frame. David Drumm attended as a representative of the Southern Ohio Synod hunger task force. A member of Peace Lutheran Church , Gahanna, Ohio, Drumm manages the Lutheran Social Services Food Pantry South, known as the largest food bank in Ohio. He’s also a cartoonist­.

David Drumm, a member of Peace Lutheran
David Drumm, a member of Peace Lutheran Church, Gahanna, Ohio, sketched and gave away cartoons like these at the July Global Mission Event in Ohio.
Drumm decided his contribution at the GME would be to observe, listen and draw. He listened to conversations and captured moments with his sketches. He moved around every few hours, even spending some time in the parking garage.

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