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What a sweet trade!

To help 47,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana get a fair price for their beans, Lutheran World Relief became an investor of Divine Chocolate, the world’s first farmer-owned chocolate brand.

Divine Chocolate Most of the world’s cocoa farmers receive little benefit from the billion-dollar chocolate industry and have never even tasted chocolate.

But Divine Chocolate buys its cocoa from the members of Kuapa Kokoo, who get a fair price for their crop, a say in business decisions “from bean to bar,” and a share of the profits.

Members of this farmer’s co-op reinvest their premiums in their villages in Ghana by building wells, funding schools and providing mobile medical clinics.

“We all have to go shopping,” said K. Ohemeng-Tinyase, Kuapa’s managing director. “Fair Trade is just shopping with respect.”

For more information or to order chocolate, visit the LWR Chocolate Project. You can also order by calling SERVV International at 888-294-9660.


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