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ELCA assists global recovery efforts

ELCA members provided $575,000 in September in response to disasters in Somalia, southern Asia, Uganda and Indonesia. International Disaster Response, coordinated by ELCA Global Mission, channels funds through international church organizations and relief agencies for food, medicine, drinking water, emergency shelter and other materials.

Civil wars and political instability in Somalia after the fall of its former president, Siad Barre, have forced many Somalians to seek asylum in Kenya since 1991, said Belletech Deressa, director for international development and disaster response with Global Mission. “The refugee population has gradually increased over the years to about 173,409 at the end of June 2007,” she said.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees established the Dadaab Refugee Camp for Somali refugees. Deressa said the camp’s conditions are deteriorating. Since the Lutheran World Federation is known for the “management of refugee camps, UNHCR requested that the it take over the management of the camp,” she said. Through Action by Churches Together, the LWF sought financial support for camp management, and the ELCA sent $50,000.

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