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Ah, the old blessing of ... the traffic light?

Asking God to protect a troubled intersection is unusual, but it was a welcome rite to Maryland churchgoers who have long lobbied for a traffic signal near their church. Members of Crusader Lutheran Church, Rockville, walked to the intersection Sept. 9 to bless the new light they hope will make their neighborhood safer—even save lives.

“It’s a very dangerous stretch of road,” Pastor Sandra Cox Shaw (left) told the online newspaper Gazette.net. “We carry our faith into the community, so we will pray for those injured or killed in accidents and their families.”

There have been at least 18 accidents in the last three years, and in July member Kathryn Hildebrand was in an accident that totaled her car. “It brought home the seriousness of the problem,” said Shaw, pictured at Veirs Mill Road and Broadway Drive with Hube Beckwith, music director (right).


Renee Riani

Renee Riani

Posted at 3:00 am (U.S. Eastern) 11/14/2007

being a light on a hill - or an intersection!

thanks for taking care in your part of the vineyard!

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