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A fire in our church

And the church forgot who she is

A fire rages in our church today. It’s been smoldering for decades. Its presence appears to be more destructive than illuminating. As a 2007 Churchwide Assembly voting member, when I wasn’t praying for the church, I was weeping for her.

The fire? Sexuality. A fire—from the beginning. A gift from God, it became a sign of our brokenness. It can be found in rape and torture, discrimination and oppression. It has spawned wars and church divisions. Sexuality, blessed and broken. These days we’re in the latest manifestation of that blessed and broken gift: homosexuality. Like its predecessor expressions, it launched a raging fire. The problem? An unwillingness on both sides of the issue to deal with it in terms of its blessedness and brokenness.

Those in opposition can’t comprehend any blessedness in such a relationship, while those in support refuse to admit that such relationships could be broken. I believe there’s good reason for this.

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