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This fall, The Lutheran rolled out a new Web site with a bright color scheme and improved navigation.

We’ve also changed our membership model. All print subscribers (after a one-time registration process) now get free access to back issues and study guide downloads. Even rostered leaders, who currently get The Lutheran free as a gift from the magazine’s staff, will get full access to the site. (Nonsubscribers can purchase online-only memberships for $11.95 a year.)

We’ve also made it easier for users to connect. All users can e-mail staff, send responses to “Tell us!” requests, leave article comments, leave blog comments and participate in discussion forums without registering. There’s no reason to lurk any longer—share your opinions!

Watch for changes the rest of this year, as we add guest blogs from notable Lutherans. We’re also developing a “green” congregational subscription that will allow churches to give members individual online subscriptions at a discounted group rate.

Watch our Web site for more information.


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