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Signs of grace

After 54 years, our marriage has become God's sacramental gift, a taste of the feast to come

"Many have wives," Martin Luther wrote, "but few find wives ... they fail to see that their life and conduct with their wives is the work of God and pleasing in his sight." I have found a wife — Irene, the woman I married 54 years ago, who grows more precious day by day.

With her, I've learned that marriage is God's sacramental gift — a physical sign of God's gracious presence.

We were unaware of this on that April evening in 1945 as we stood in Radar Lutheran Church, Timberville, Va., before Pastor S. Wallace Berry and an altar adorned with iris and mock orange blossoms. But Irene and I were participating in a ritual first act of an ongoing, deepening sacramental experience of the blessed grace of God.


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