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Update: Art has happy ending

Artist Clara Maria Goldstein (right) was invited to once again display her art at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, La Crosse, Wis. Last September, hospital officials removed 10 of her paintings showing Jesus’ Jewish heritage from their facilities because they might be “offensive.”

Following The Lutheran’s story (November 2006, "'Rabbi Jesus' controversial?"), people took an interest in Goldstein’s work. English Lutheran Church, La Crosse, exhibited her work, as did Bridge of Life Lutheran Church, Holmen, Wis. The latter also used the artwork during worship and on bulletin covers.

Goldstein wrote The Lutheran in July to thank staff and readers for their support.

According to the La Crosse Tribune, Goldstein donated prints of three paintings to an Oct. 26 art auction to help raise money for domestic abuse survivors. The event was sponsored by the Carilee Fund Committee of Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation. The fund is named in memory of a Gundersen employee’s mother who lost her life due to domestic violence.

Goldstein told the Tribune: “I get to donate paintings for a good cause, and at the same time it’s good for healing relationships. I wish all controversies were resolved in this way.”


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