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Adopted 'forever'

God keeps all children in unconditional love

Imagine a large dog in a traveling crate stalled at a railway station. He’d chewed the tag off his crate, and no one knew his destination. I knew an 8-year-old named Lynn who felt like that when her adoptive parents abandoned her. “What’s wrong with me?” she wondered. “If I’ve been bad, who will want me?”

Many of us know that feeling, too, when we or life’s circumstances chew the tags off our traveling crates, halting our life’s journey. We don’t know where we’re going so we sit trapped, asking those same questions.

Lynn soon was blessed with new adoptive parents who told her they were now her “forever” family.

Still, she wondered, “Will they keep me? How bad do I have to be before they leave me like my other parents did?” So she tested them. Challenging is a mild term to describe her behavior. But her parents persevered, and the three became a family.

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