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ELCA responds to global disasters

At the end of July, ELCA International Disaster Response approved sending $270,000 to respond to disasters, including:

• $100,000 to Action by Churches Together for the Lutheran World Federation to provide food, water and other essentials to displaced people in Chad affected by violence in Darfur, Sudan, and the Central African Republic. Belletech Deressa, director of ELCA International Disaster Response, said three groups of displaced people are in Chad: some 200,000 refugees from Darfur, about 40,000 refugees from the Central African Republic, and people who were internally displaced by the conflict spilling over into Chad.

• $70,000 to ACT from funds earmarked for survivors of the 2004 Asian tsunami. The United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India is using the funds to build homes for people who live in poverty in Addathidevi, a village in Andra Pradesh.

• $50,000 for the Palestinian territories, where continuing civil unrest has created a humanitarian situation. The funds will help the Middle East Council of Churches, an ELCA partner, provide food and medical help for children, women and the elderly.

• $50,000 to the LWF for food, shelter and water in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to help about 16 million refugees and citizens affected by conflict in surrounding countries.


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