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Thanks be to God!

Assembly highlighted faith, hope, work

Just before the close of the 2007 ELCA Churchwide Assembly, I expressed gratitude for the work of the 1,069 voting members. I then asked them, “When someone asks you what happened here this week, what story will you tell?”

I asked that because of our shared leadership for a sent church. Part of shared leadership is to tell the story of this church and its actions. Part of our witness is the story of this assembly.

You already will have seen news stories about assembly actions. The story some tell is of division. That, however, is not the story of this assembly for me.

I will tell the story of an assembly that centered its whole life in the living Word of God as we:

• Gathered around word and sacrament as the centerpiece of our life each day.

• “Dwelt in the word richly” in Bible study and through personal stories of ELCA members.

• Heard the word read and pondered the word.

• Called this church to a sustained commitment to living in that word and letting that word live in us through the “Book of Faith” initiative.

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