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Ohio youth make a connection with Tanzania

Tanzania may be nearly 8,000 miles away, but youth from Peace Lutheran Church in rural Arnheim, Ohio, still made a connection to that country.

Youth at Peace Lutheran Church, Arnheim,
Youth at Peace Lutheran Church, Arnheim, Ohio, raise funds to help build an orphanage in Bariadi, Tanzania, for 16 children.
It started on Global Mission Sunday in 2005, when Marge Beam of the Southern Ohio Synod’s global ministry committee shared her dreams for children in Bariadi, Tanzania. She invited Peace’s children to see, touch, listen and taste what it would be like to be in another country.

Wanting to help, the youth decided to raise funds for an orphanage in Bariadi. One Sunday a month they raise funds by decorating banks made from milk cartons to collect coins and by creating colorful offering envelopes. Each fall the youth choir gathers aluminum cans for recycling and walnuts that are sold to a local mill. The Bible school children contribute their daily and closing offerings.

To date the youth have raised in excess of $14,000, and Beam suggested the orphanage be named “The House of Peace” in recognition of their efforts.


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