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ELCA adopts social statement on education

After lengthy discussion on a variety of amendments, voting members passed 949-35 “Our Calling in Education” as the ninth ELCA social statement and voted 996-17 to accept the amended implementing resolutions.

The document begins by tying education closely to the Lutheran understanding of vocation. “While many understand vocation as a job or career or as the call to be a pastor or priest, Lutherans understand vocation as a calling from God that encompasses all of life for all the faithful,” the statement says.

Campus beat goes on <BR><BR>Dancers
Campus beat goes on
Dancers enjoy the deejay’s selections during a reception celebrating the centennial of Lutheran Campus Ministry. At 190 ELCA campus ministries at state and private universities and 400 cooperating congregations near the campuses, 4,400 students worship weekly and nearly 5,000 take part in service projects each year. An assembly offering of $12,387 will support and expand this work among college students.
It highlights a twofold calling in education: teaching people in the Christian faith for their vocation and ensuring that all have access to high-quality education. The document calls the ELCA to act in four settings: home and congregation, public education, ELCA educational institutions, and public colleges and universities.

Among other things, the implementing resolutions call upon:

• “Congregations and families to educate all generations in the faith and to be partners in creating and funding compelling and creative curricula and programs for all ages …;

• “Members of the ELCA to renew their calling in education as students, parents, educators and citizens, and to live out their baptismal vocation as lifelong learners in the faith and in their knowledge of the world;

• “ELCA seminaries and other teaching institutions of this church to continue their emphasis on preparing pastors, diaconal ministers, deaconesses, associates in ministry, and lay people for excellence in the practice of teaching Christian education and faith formation in service of lifelong learning;

• “All schools to prepare students for living in a complex and global society as persons who are capable of critical thinking, continuing personal growth and concern for others, family responsibility, civic participation, artistic appreciation, productive work and financial responsibility;

• “Members and congregations to develop strong connections with their public schools …;

• “This church’s colleges, universities, seminaries and lifelong learning partners to prepare and sustain leaders for schools and early childhood education centers of the ELCA …;

• “Synods and congregations to support ELCA colleges and universities …;

• “Synods and congregations to support campus ministries.”


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