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May we all be one

...even as we experience conflict

What happens when a congregation divides and humans struggle for power and recognition? When a congregation becomes a personal fighting arena?

Obviously, God hasn’t gone anywhere. But God’s children have turned away from him and against each other. Longtime friends—no longer friends. Co-musicians—no longer musical. Spiritual leaders—no longer spiritual. On and on it goes when a congregation’s spirit is broken, divided by God’s children.

This happened in my congregation. New pastors had come. An awesome vision for growth developed—and then it came crumbling down. People suddenly were suspicious of each other. Little groups spread rumors and speculations, creating chaos and doubt. The vision was lost before it started. The congregation was splintering. Leaders were splitting apart. The constitution was cited more times in six months than in the congregation’s history. The church became a battleground.

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Embracing diversity