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Evangelism tips

One of the best seats in town to view the fireworks during the Three Rivers Festival, Fort Wayne, Ind., in July is at Trinity English Lutheran Church. Angela Shannon, a pastor, and members walk the downtown district to invite people to watch the fireworks from the church’s “back yard.”

They pass out fans that have worship times, contact information and the congregation’s Web address. Free snow cones and popcorn are provided and, this year, barbecue chicken was sold. There was a jazz band too. More than 250 people attended this year, including many more from the community.

“The members and community folks interacted well,” Shannon said. “No one was threatened by the ominous ‘E’ word! When newcomers came, naturally they were curious about our church. In a relaxed environment ‘the frozen chosen’ thawed a bit and happily answered questions about Trinity.” For more information, contact Shannon at 260-426-3424; pshannon@trinityenglish.org.


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