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Ad campaign bound for Denver

A pilot ad campaign was launched in the Denver area during September to increase ELCA awareness and inspire members to invite others to church. ELCA Communication Services will monitor results with the possibility of extending the campaign to other markets.

The effort includes ads for newspapers, online, billboards and bus shelters. The area’s 62 congregations received marketing kits with postcards, posters, church bulletins, outdoor banners and interactive banner ads.

A Web site tells the story behind each of the ads and encourages members to invite others to services.

One ad shows a carpenter whose nearby tools form a cross. The headline: “April 28, 2007. New Orleans, Louisiana. Twenty months after Katrina hit. Or 1,300,000 service hours ago” is followed by this copy: “When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, our first reaction was shock. Our second was to grab a hammer. With over 18,500 volunteers and $27 million in donations, about the only thing we’ve yet to rebuild there is an ark.”

Each ad ends with the tagline: “God’s Work. Our Hands.”

A membership decline (see "ELCA membership drops 1.6 percent") and a commitment to evangelism underscored the need for the campaign.


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