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'Today is not the end...'

God's people live with the promise of a new beginning

Mike, my stepson, mows our local Roman Catholic cemetery, and I sometimes help. He sees the cemetery as “a thought-provoking place.” As the father of 4-year-old twins (my beautiful grandchildren) he pointed out, “The markers for the little kids definitely get my attention.”

But there are other notable markers, including a few for couples with both names listed along with their birth dates. Since both are still living, the dates of death aren’t yet engraved. The markers are in place for people who are simply planning ahead. I envy those who are so settled and secure in their community.

Another headstone features a special automobile etched into the headstone and the young woman’s high-school class motto: “Today is not the end, but the beginning of a new tomorrow.” While trimming cemetery grass, I’m forced to recognize my own mortality.

But there is more to this story.

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