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Wind, flood, earthquake, fire be prepared

The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and other weather-related disasters reminds us that the scouting adage is so right: Be prepared. That goes for congregations as well.

Any crisis that makes roads impassable may create an interruption in utilities that could prevent repair crews from reaching your area for days. How prepared is your congregation to handle emergencies—whether it’s a natural disaster or a kitchen fire during a Sunday potluck?

It took the 6.8 Nisqually Earthquake in Seattle six years ago to prompt Faith Lutheran’s education committee to consider preparedness in the church.

When the quake anniversary rolls around each February, Faith concentrates on another aspect of fire and earthquake safety. First-aid backpacks hang by each exit door and bright red notebooks that instruct what to do in an earthquake are in every room. (A white notebook is even within reach of the pastor in the sanctuary.) Members practiced “duck, cover and hold” during worship and staged a fire drill during Sunday school.

Faith holds Red Cross First Aid and CPR classes and informational safety and preparedness brochures are part of the educational efforts in February.

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