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Now it's your turn

Those of you who use our Web site recently had the opportunity to take a survey about www.thelutheran.org.

You said you wanted it to be easier to participate online. An anonymous user suggested: “Having individual comment possibilities for each article would be great.” Another user wanted to be able to “comment on blog postings without the need to register.” Now you can do both. There’s no need to register. Just scroll to the bottom of the article or blog posting and leave your thoughts.

Now it’s your turn. Make your voice heard about what you read in the magazine. In our recent discussion forum with Greg Mortenson (June, "School for peace"), only six people commented—even though 800 followed the conversation.

One aspect of The Lutheran’s mission is to “provide an open forum for discussion.” Now it’s easier, so please take advantage of our open commenting.

And stay tuned. More changes are in store for www.thelutheran.org this summer and fall.


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