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The Internet may be the rage, but Trinity Lutheran Church, South Milwaukee, Wis., turned with success to a decidedly old-fashioned device to promote its programs—yard signs. The congregation’s outreach ministry team orders the signs, similar to those used by political candidates, from an online company.

In 2006 the church used about 50 of them to advertise its vacation Bible school and did the same for the 2007 Easter worship schedule. Members placed them in their yards about a month before the events.

“It’s neat to see about 50 signs suddenly spring up around our area,” said Bill Mains, pastor of Trinity. “We went from no VBS for the past two years to almost 60 kids last summer.”

There appeared to be extra visitors on Easter, he said. Signs will promote this year’s Bible school as well, he added. For more information, contact Mains at Trinity: 414-762-6626; or pastortlcsm@sbcglobal.net.


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