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Weighing in on Atlanta decision

Mixed disciplinary ruling draws mixed response

The article “Mixed ruling on openly gay pastor” saddened me (April). How sad it is that the leadership of our church is choosing to allow political correctness to influence their decisions instead of trusting the word of our God. Biblically we are given clear guidelines as to the behavior and character of pastors and church leaders. We are also strongly warned about the power our physical desires have over us. It is not a sin for a man to love another man. Love is a pure and holy spiritual force, and we are commanded to love each other. However, love is not sex. Sex is a physical urge, not a spiritual force. I’m sure this article will inspire many letters full of hate and venom. Please do not mistake this as one of them. My hope is that this letter will inspire people to open a Bible and read for themselves what God has to say on this issue. I hope it also inspires the leadership of our church to turn to prayer and the word of God to guide them in future decisions.

Jim L. Disbrow
Moose Lake, Minn.

Indisputable word of God

I refer first to Romans 1:24-28 where there is an indisputable word of God about homosexual lifestyles. How can this committee of 12 Lutherans possibly ignore God’s word and penalty for such acts? How could the ELCA hire a gay person to this sacred position in the first place? We should retire those fainthearted ELCA members who can’t make an inviolate decision in fear of offending the minority. It’s about time the majority is heard.

Paul R. Everhart
Oxford, Ohio

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