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The pie lady

Baker rolls out crust for parking-lot cash

At first Jan Weltlin was embarrassed to sell her homemade pies to raise money to help her congregation build a new parking lot. But more than 100 pies and $1,500 later, her embarrassment has long since past.

Fresh from her oven, a pie made by
Fresh from her oven, a pie made by Jan Weltlin sells for $10—and becomes sweet income for her church.
It began with just a couple of dessert pies brought to coffee hour after service at Trinity Lutheran Church, Monroeville, Ohio. Weltlin donated the cost of the ingredients so the $10 sales price could go directly to the congregation.

“They sold right away,” Weltlin said. “So I made some more. Then I started taking them to my work as well, and a few people started buying them there. I was really surprised—but happy.”

Weltlin got the idea after reading a story about a woman who helped a charity by hosting dinners in her home. While that concept wasn’t the right fit, making pies seemed like a good compromise.

After becoming a hit with fruit pies, Weltlin added frozen, unbaked chicken potpies.

“Those are the most popular, along with the elderberry ones,” she said. “I love making elderberry pies. They are challenging because I have to hunt around for the elderberries and then stem them. People either hate them or love them, but those who love them appreciate how much work goes into making them.”

After the funds for the parking lot were raised, Weltlin’s pies helped add to Trinity’s building fund. She also was recruited to bake pies for a Multiple Sclerosis walk.

“I made 69 pies in six weeks and raised $600,” she said. “I’m happy that I have this gift that I can use to help.”

Life at Trinity, it appears, has never tasted so good.


Toyea Hakso

Toyea Hakso

Posted at 1:57 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/23/2008

Congratulations on doing a wonderful job for your Church. I am sure that everyone appreciates your had work.

My mom started baking her community back to health in 1988 and she continues to do so today.

God bless you and all of your hard work and efforts.



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