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'God was on the library floor'

I finished the evening in conversation with five girls from Columbine. They wrote down their names so our kids at home could pray for them. I was struck that this wouldn't be just a moment for any of these people. This moment has been seared into their brains. It will take a long time with lots of prayer, help and counseling before anyone gets their balance back.

We have reason to thank God for our church. We were there right in the middle of the mess, and we will be there for the long run.

I caught an early plane home so I could hug my kids and wife and tell them I loved them. I thought about violent video games our kids have played, "shoot-em-up" movies I've watched and about kids in black trenchcoats I've avoided.

Continue to pray for the Littleton victims, the survivors, the caregivers, the police, the fire and medical teams. Recovery will take a long time.

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