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Lawyer hears God say, 'You're working for me now'

I wanted to be a lawyer since age 12 and believe God put the desire in my heart. For 14 years I worked for an insurance company defending personal injury claims. But the longer I stayed on the job, the more dissatisfied I became. I tried to perform my work ethically, but a nagging feeling kept telling me this wasn’t where I ultimately belonged.

Jane Santoni finds her calling as a
Jane Santoni finds her calling as a Maryland lawyer “fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves.”
In 2002, I was laid off. My boss started his own firm and asked me to join. Self-employment meant no steady pay, no benefits, no clients, no guarantees. I was the primary breadwinner, and in many ways this option was insane. But it was the only way for me to grow in a different legal direction. So after prayer, research, family discussions and consulting other professionals, I did it.

My first client was a man who paid $1,500 for a car warranty. Within weeks of buying his car the engine blew. The warranty company refused to pay, so he was dipping into his modest 401K to pay for repairs. I became incensed, wrote a letter and the company relented. Early on, another client was a single mother who lost her home due to a chemical leak. Both her insurance company and the chemical company refused to pay. She was desperate. I took the case and was able to get her a new home.

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