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A rocking witness

Office rocking chair invites spirit to work

Afew years ago my former employer moved to a new office building. As in all moves, everything didn’t happen exactly the way it was supposed to. For instance, office guest chairs weren’t ordered in time to ensure delivery before the move. I tried to put an optimistic face on this—for instance, we won’t have people coming by to complain at length about their new office if they don’t have anywhere to sit.

jessica lifland<BR><BR>Karen Ball shares
Karen Ball shares her faith at a California engineering firm with what else? A rocking chair.

But after about a week of having to crane my neck while visitors stood over me, I decided on a temporary remedy.

I have an informal collection of rocking chairs at home—six, not counting the glider on the front porch. Although I had some reservations about bringing a rocking chair into my business environment, I decided to do it anyway. And what a difference that chair made—to my work life, my spiritual life and my sense of God’s presence in my daily work.

The first day every member of my staff tried it out and wanted to know if they could come rock when I was out to lunch (of course).

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