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Take your faith with you

From Sunday into the rest of the week

Let me tell you about Cindy and Dave. A married couple living near Reading, Pa., they’re active members of their congregation. Cindy sings in the choir and participates in the women’s group. Dave serves on the property committee and ushers at worship. Their faith as Christians is something that informs their entire lives.

Cindy, the administrator of a large medical practice, deals with frustrated employees and patients alike. Her commitment to a God of love, forgiveness and understanding helps her treat all people with respect. Dave works in maintenance at a school district. As a handyman he addresses the problems of maintaining a large and growing campus. Keenly aware that God has given him his ability to fix and tinker, Dave approaches each day’s challenges as opportunities to honor God by using his gifts.

When I was their pastor, I visited them at their workplaces. I saw what a difference their faith makes in their daily work. I also saw how much the people with whom they come in contact appreciate them for their attitude at work. When Dave or Cindy speak about their faith or invite a co-worker to come to worship with them, as they have occasion to do, people know they are being genuine. Cindy and Dave understand what it means to take their faith to work.

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