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Find six new blogs about young adult ministry and the lives of Lutheran young adults.

One is by Kristen Glass, ELCA director for young adult ministry, who interweaves statistics and trends about young adults with the personal stories of those she meets through her work.

The other five blogs are by young adults. Mari is a Chicagoan who’s studying to be a teacher; Courtney is teaching university-level English in Wuhan, China; Natalie is a graphic designer whose boyfriend is serving as a medic in Iraq; Nate is president of Lutheran Student Movement and preparing for service with Lutheran Volunteer Corps, a yearlong service program for people 21 and over seeking to unite faith, social justice, community living and simplicity; and Cara is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, Iowa City, who’s getting ready for volunteer work with Urban Servant Corps, a one-year, full-time Lutheran volunteer program involved in ministries serving inner-city Denver.


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