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Life-changing laughter

When Laura Gentry (center), pastor of Our Savior Lutheran, Lansing, Iowa, wrote about her church’s laughter club for The Lutheran ("A laughing matter," page 36), it appeared that she was on a local mission. Now she’s gone beyond the borders of her community and state.

The day before Easter, Gentry was invited to a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show on laughter yoga. And in May, the Lansing Laughter Club was featured on an area TV station and in The Des Moines [Iowa] Register and La Crosse [Wis.] Tribune. In May, Gentry also trained with Madan Kataria, the medical doctor from India who developed laughter yoga. Gentry is now on a mission to train other teachers—especially church leaders—to start clubs.

“I am convinced it was the Spirit that helped me to stumble upon laughter yoga and introduce it to my congregation,” she said. “Breathing love and life into people through laughter, the Spirit is guiding me to spread the laughter movement within the body of Christ.”


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