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That's how we demonstrate God's love

One morning a reporter for The Jerusalem Times knocked on the door of what had come to be known as the House of the Holy Spirit. The brothers James and John, sons of Zebedee—but to whom Jesus gave the name Sons of Thunder—reached the door at the same time.

“Good morning!” the reporter began. “I’m with The Jerusalem Times. We couldn’t help but notice the crowds gathering in your yard, especially on Sundays. We’d like to do a story on what this is all about.”

James and John invited the reporter in. He had questions: Where did all these new people come from? Why do they congregate around this house? What do they receive? How are they able to sustain themselves? Why is the name of a crucified criminal coming out of their mouths?

So James and John told their story, from the beginning.

“We were working the family fishing business one day on the shore of the Sea of Galilee when Jesus of Nazareth came walking by. Simon and Andrew, two of our partners, were already with him—although they were supposed to be working. Jesus walked right up to us and asked us to come along in a movement he was starting to help people understand and participate in the reign of God.

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