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Lutheran journalists win awards

The Lutheran received 11 awards--including three Awards of Excellence--at the Associated Church Press' April 18-21 convention in Portland, Ore. The ACP encompasses 175 religious publications in the United States and Canada and annually presents awards in 39 categories.

The three top awards were given to Edgar R. Trexler for magazine opinion piece (May 1998); David L. Miller and Sally D. Ketchum for most personally useful article (February 1998); and to Mark A. Staples, Lois A. Rumfelt and Miller as a tie for the best seasonal piece (April 1998). The Lutheran also received four Awards of Merit for mission statement, magazine news story, photography with article or cutline and home page design as well as honorable mentions for magazine graphics — entire issue, magazine cover, professional resource and biblical interpretation.

"The 11 awards are the most ever received by The Lutheran during any year," Trexler said. "The award for mission statement was special. It said that The Lutheran 'fulfills its mission admirably by providing accessible content on a broad range of subjects relevant, significant and important to the church and its people.' "

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