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Natural artist

Exhibits put educator in the hall of fame

Bonnie Swarbrick can do more than tell people about the wonders of nature. She can re-create them.

Bonnie Swarbrick uses her skills as
Bonnie Swarbrick uses her skills as an artist to encourage care for God’s creation, including the endangered Masked Bobwhite (below), which lives only at the Arizona wildlife refuge where she works.
The member of Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Tucson, Ariz., is not only in charge of education and public programs at the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona but she also is an artist. Her skills with a paintbrush and as a creator of naturalistic museum exhibits are the reasons she was inducted into the Arizona Outdoor Hall of Fame.

“It was quite an honor and a surprise for me,” said Swarbrick, whose earlier career included doing field work in wildlife biology. “I’ve always tried, when I can, to bring art and creativity into the workplace.”

Swarbrick knew she wanted to help wildlife when she was 10 and her mother gave her a bird guide.

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