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Mission on their minds

Two girls use their time and talents to raise funds for Tanzania

Two ELCA youth know what it means to be in mission with others.

Maren Carter, a member of Zion Lutheran, Cottage Grove, Minn., had learned about the drought and hunger that was anticipated by her congregation’s partner village of Kitapelimwa, Tanzania. She went to Peggy Howell, Zion’s shared-ministry coordinator, with an idea: The youth group could made jewelry to sell at area craft sales.

The sixth-grader figured the project would build awareness about the drought and raise funds. Maren was right: Her project raised $600.

Kelvin Mwano, one of the students in Kitapelimwa, wrote: “People have no food, this is why Mama Peggy Howell tries to see how these people will get food. She has been sending money for food every time you at Zion collect it. ... I was very happy also about your children once Mama Peggy told me that you brought 600 dollars for food to people of Kitapelimwa. ... Those money that you send we distribute to the elders, the sick people, to evangelists, and we hope later on will distribute to the lame people.”

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