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Synod assemblies

Arkansas-Oklahoma, April 19-21

• Asked the 2007 Churchwide Assembly to review the candidacy process and explore new options leading to rostered leadership.

Western Iowa, April 20-22

• Re-elected Michael A. Last, 60, April 21 as synod bishop, on the fifth ballot with 206 of 355 votes. David E. Cox, interim pastor in Humboldt, Iowa, received 149 votes.

• Urged congregations to become active in the ONE Lutheran Campaign, which rallies ELCA members to promote the Millennium Development Goals and advocate for the end of extreme poverty by 2015.

Sierra Pacific, April 19-21

• Asked the 2007 Churchwide Assembly to direct the Office of the Secretary to disclose to the Church Council the cost of each disciplinary proceeding against clergy in same-sex relationships and to make those costs a matter of public record.

• Asked (333 to 130) the 2007 assembly to direct ELCA churchwide bodies and units to amend governing documents to allow people in same-sex relationships to serve on the ELCA clergy roster.

Southwestern Minnesota, April 21-22

• Affirmed (337 to 244) that the synod will provide pastoral care to gays and lesbians but follow the 1993 Conference of Bishops’s statement “by not establishing, creating or approving of ‘an official ceremony of this church for the blessing of a homosexual relationship’ and by not authorizing its pastors to conduct such ceremonies.”

• Urged congregations to engage in “dialogue, service, fellowship and educational opportunities” with other Lutheran Christians “in the midst of disagreements.”

Eastern North Dakota, April 28-29

• Asked the 2007 assembly to not reopen the issue of ordination of noncelibate homosexual people before the report of the ELCA Sexuality Task Force is received in 2009.

• Asked the 2007 assembly to reaffirm that the 1993 bishops’ statement doesn’t approve same-sex blessings, but directs the Church Council and Office of the Secretary to notify all synods and congregations to refrain from public blessings that imply approval of same-sex relationships.

• Asked the ELCA to support creation of a Department of Peace in the U.S. government.

Reports contributed by Julie Aageson, Noreen Meginness, James Meimerstorf, Linda Pederson and Irene Pfannkuch.


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