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Church Council backs Bible plan

The ELCA Church Council recommended at its spring meeting that the 2007 Churchwide Assembly endorse the initiative “Book of Faith: Lutherans Read the Bible.”

The Bible study stems from action by the 2005 assembly referring a resolution on “foundational issues of the authority of Scripture and principles of biblical interpretation” to ELCA staff “for development of a report and possible recommendations.”

The Office of the Presiding Bishop assigned that task to the Vocation and Education unit. Its director, Stanley N. Olson, told the council, “The ‘Book of Faith’ initiative is aimed at renewal at the core—the Bible as God’s word for us.”

He said a resolution headed to the 2007 assembly would launch the initiative in two directions: “for a broader and deeper engagement of the Scriptures by this church, and for intentional teaching, understanding and use of the Lutheran approaches to Scripture that have proven so fruitful over the years.”

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