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Facing 'competition'

Our role: General interest religious magazine

The Lutheran fared reasonably well in the recent Associated Church Press awards contest. That competition, along with this issue, reinforced the mission of this magazine: that of a general interest religious publication for ELCA Lutherans.

Judges looked favorably on several aspects of The Lutheran during 2006, as well as the work of Lutheran Woman Today and the ELCA News Service ("Lutheran publications honored"). Most importantly to us in the business of religious publishing, the awards highlight the great work done by a host of mainline and traditional Protestant and Roman Catholic denominational and independent magazines and newspapers—work from which we can learn.

The standout winner was Sojourners, the first place and only award recipient for ecumenical general interest magazine. It’s a class act, attempting to “integrate spiritual renewal and social justice.”

The denominational publications, such as Disciples World, U.S. Catholic and Presbyterians Today carry out their missions extremely well. They focus on their denomination, with articles in their own “key.”

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