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What about our neighbors?

Differing views exist on how Christians should relate to Jews and Muslims

The two articles in March, one on how to understand and deal with those who adhere to Judaism ("Judaism & Christianity") and the other with those of the Muslim persuasion ("Islam & Christianity"), fail to clearly state the main reason Christianity is unique and is not to be regarded as just another way to be reconciled to God. After all the ecumenical palaver, Christians must always remember that our marching orders from the Savior must remain paramount, even in friendly discussions. Those orders are the foundation and context upon which the Great Commission is built. To Jews and Muslims, as well as any other non-Christians, we must never be ashamed to point out how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy so clearly emphasized in the New Testament. In truth, all anyone has to look forward to without a personal faith in Christ is eternal hell. It’s all well and good to speak about peace on earth and getting along, but without a clear witness to Christ as the Prince of Peace who ends the natural war all humans have with God (giving us a real reason for living), we might well find ourselves disobedient to the Great Commission.

Roy Bredholt
Fargo, N.D.

‘Namby-pamby stuff’

All I hear in this pablum is “Let’s try to get along and agree in being good people and accept the good traits of Islam and forget the rest.” No confrontation whatsoever! Namby-pamby stuff! As I recall, Christ said, “There will be a time when you stand alone with me. Be followers of me and forsake other teachings. I am the truth and the light; no one comes to the father but through me.” In other words, forget this kumbaya stuff and stand up for the truth. With all due respect, Christianity stands alone in comparison to all other faiths and this trying to get along and be happy stuff is an act of futility.

Bob Mossman
Fort Smith, Ark.

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