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Youth with a cause

Maine teen raises awareness and funds for Sudan

What’s happening in Darfur, Sudan, matters to eighth-grader Ted Nichols, a member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Kennebunk, Maine.

Ted Nichols, a member of Holy Cross
Ted Nichols, a member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Kennebunk, Maine, raises money for refugees.

When he was up late watching television one night, Nichols saw an ad about Darfur and went into action. Last fall he approached his pastor, Richard Horner, and asked if he could do something at the church to raise awareness of what was happening in Darfur, as well as funds to help the refugees. He said he was leading a similar effort at his middle school.

Horner suggested involving the confirmation program. The pastor spoke to the group about serving others in need, and then Ted spoke specifically about Darfur.

The class wrote prayers on posters that were displayed in the church narthex the next Sunday. Ted offered a prayer for the people of Darfur during worship and brought literature to display. He also brought green wristbands imprinted, “Not on My Watch—Save Darfur,” which parishioners could buy for $1.

“I want to be involved in this because the genocide and ethnic cleansing happening in Darfur is just wrong in every way possible,” Ted said.

Horner praised Ted: “Many youth will serve the needs of others when asked, but taking on the responsibilities of leadership is something different.”


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