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Musical potluck

Artist shows his Lutheran roots

A lifelong Lutheran, Jonathan Rundman is the most prominent ELCA member to have made a mark in the field of contemporary Christian music. His sound may be likened to that of college-radio stars like Ben Kweller or Matthew Sweet (this generation’s descendants of Tom Petty and Neil Young).

Protestant Rock Ethic (Salt Lady Records, 2006; available at Rundman's Web site) is a two-disc, 42-song collection that showcases what Rundman has to offer. A musical potluck, it provides generous helpings of traditional favorites along with more exotic fare.

About a third of the album consists of contemporary arrangements of traditional worship music. Rundman unveils his “Heartland Liturgy,” a new setting for the Sunday eucharist sung to the accompaniment of guitar, banjo and tambourine. He also performs several hymns from Lutheran worship books, singing them as if they were current pop songs intended for radio stations.Artist shows his Lutheran roots.

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