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Jellobration details

Participants bring their Jell-O gelatin creations to the church kitchen before worship. A number is assigned to each, and names arerecorded separately to keep voting as anonymous as possible. If provided, recipes for and titles of the creation are included in the display.

Most years there are about a dozen dishes to sample, though 2006 is remembered as the “miracle of the six Jell-O dishes.” The event was mistakenly scheduled during spring break. Somehow each of the six dishes was sampled by at least 60 people, and there were stillleftovers.

Open voting is an important part of Jellobration. It makes everyone an expert taster and relies on the honor system. Of course, participants are welcome to bring lots of family and friends to line up as many votes as possible for their entries.

After the closing hymn, members flock to the social hall and begin digging in. Taste-testers pile their plates high with samples.

Each taster is asked to make a donation (this year proceeds went to the Goose Hollow Family Shelter in Portland, Ore.), which is matched by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. On a separate table at the end of the display are two voting boxes labeled “Best Tasting” and “Most Creative.” Voters write the number corresponding to their favorites on slips of paper and drop them in the appropriate box. Three winners in each category receive prizes.


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