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'Ordinary to Extraordinary'

It almost sounds like a riddle: What is ordinary that becomes extraordinary?

There are multiple right answers—quilts, pencils, soap. And that’s just the start. To find out how the transformation happens, watch the new video from Lutheran World Relief, Ordinary to Extraordinary. It takes viewers to Mali, West Africa, where thousands of quilts, school and health kits, and layettes—all begun as projects in ELCA congregations—have been distributed.

“We really learned how important the warmth of a quilt is,” said Erick Piisila of LWR who filmed the video. In daytime, temperatures top 100 degrees, but at night fall into the 50s. Quilts offer protection from the cold.

The 12-minute video is available on free loan from LWR; call 800-597-5972. Or watch it on the LWR Web site.


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