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American compassion

These Iraqi youngsters benefit from Operation Iraqi Child, an effort of the 407th Air [Force] Expeditionary Group Chaplain’s Office and the local Office of Special Investigations detachment.

“Many members of Air Expeditionary Force 5 and 6 have voiced the desire to help the Iraqi people outside the gates of our base,” said Christine L. Blice-Baum, an ELCA Air Force chaplain. “With the help of airmen here connecting with generous and caring Americans back home, I believe Operation Iraqi Child will demonstrate our compassion and support to the Iraqis in their challenging transition to a free society.” OSI members distributed vitamins, clothing, blankets and food.




Posted at 3:56 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/21/2009

We Americans are so compassionate!  We bombed and invaded Iraq for no good reason, killed over a million and a half Iraqis, created 4 million refugees, destroyed their infrastructure, turned the country into a radioactive wasteland from depeted uranium weapons, killed 500,000 children with bombings and sanctions in the 1990s, tortured and humiliated them and we think passing out a few freebies is going to make it all better.  So Christlike isn't it?

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