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'The Little Lutheran'

New magazine to help raise children of faith

Now for something new and hopeful: The Little Lutheran. The staff of this magazine is pleased to announce the pending launch of a publication for very young children.

The Little Lutheran will be a monthly (with combined May/June and July/August issues), 24-page, high-quality picture magazine for children ages 6 and under. It will help children learn about God’s love for them, offering stories, prayers, puzzles, activities and rituals, and introduce them to the knowledge that Jesus Christ is their savior and friend.

The Little Lutheran
was test-marketed in the Greater Milwaukee Synod. We are grateful for the assistance given us by Bishop Paul Stumme-Diers, his staff and the readers of The Lutheran in that synod.

Reaction was quite positive, and we received valuable constructive criticism. This new magazine will take off, officially, in conjunction with the Churchwide Assembly this August. See The Little Lutheran Web site for more details and how to subscribe.

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