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Fishing with Jesus

In this Sunday’s lectionary, Jesus’ disciples go fishing. You can imagine the expectations they must have had getting into the boat and hoping to catch fish.

It would be similar to you or I going fishing—or better yet, taking a child fishing. There is great excitement about getting on the water and catching a fine meal.

You have the preparation of the right equipment—in the disciples' case nets, in ours a rod and reel. Then there is the waiting. The waiting can be short or, as with the disciples, it can last all night.

For a child, waiting a couple of minutes for the bobber to go under the water can seem like an eternity. Waiting, waiting, for that magical moment when the bobber starts dipping, dip ... dip, dip, dip.

Of course, the disciples ended up coming onto shore empty-handed. Jesus then guided them to a better spot to fish just as you would guide your child to a likelier location for success.

That is when the magic happens. In the disciples’ case their nets were full of fish. With your child the bobber finally does its underwater dance and a fish is pulled in.

In this moment the magic isn’t in the fish but in the smile on the child’s face. Take a child fishing.

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Adopting across cultures: Such adoptions can enrich family life, parents say. (Photo at right.)

"A rainbow family": International adoption seemed obvious.

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Discuss transracial adoption:

Discuss transracial adoption with Diane H. Pederson (right), pastor and adoptive mother of two children from Korea.

Join Pederson to discuss your experiences with adoption across cultures.

Consider reading "Adopting across cultures" and "A rainbow family" before joining in.

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Andrea Pohlmann writes about the Virginia Tech massacre.

Amber Leberman blogs about synod assembly season.

Kathleen Kastilahn (right) asks: "Are you stressed out?"

Sonia Solomonson writes about "catching" exuberance.

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