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The way we were: 1953

How times change! As part of an appeal for Lutheran World Relief in 1953, Iowa Lutherans donated a railcar full of lard. Lard was used as a substitute for butter during World War II. Today, LWR no longer ships food commodities overseas, but buys such items locally—ensuring cultural appropriateness and stimulating local economies. Pictured are (kneeling, left to right): A.H. Geske, Otto Strenge, W.D. Dennyes, L.M. Stone, Henry Foege, A.G. Rausch, Emil Hansen, Fred Kruse and Fred Drenkow; (standing, left to right): John M. Watson, Jerry Draves, Simon Brandt and William Kersten. Taken by the Fort Dodge Messenger, Feb. 27, 1953, at Tobin Packing Co. in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.


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