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Identity-theft prevention steps

• Keep your password confidential, don’t share it with others and don’t write it down and “hide it” at your desk. Never log someone else into your account or use another person’s username and password.

• Don’t store highly confidential data on your computer hard drive. If your machine is stolen, the data is stolen too.

• Don’t keep any confidential data on a laptop. Laptop theft is one of the more common ways sensitive data is stolen.

• Social Security numbers should never be used as unique identifiers. Purge all Social Security numbers from data files and systems, except when absolutely necessary.

• Never set your browser to remember your username and passwords for Web sites.

• Don’t store credit card numbers on your hard drive.

• Store backup CDs or disks in a locked secure spot.

• Never send confidential data via e-mail.

• Don’t let printouts with confidential data sit on the office printer. Pick them up immediately.

• Make sure you properly dispose (shred) all paper documents that contain confidential data.

Source: Information and Instructional Technologies Department, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn.


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