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Manna for Madagascar

Impoverished women from the Indian Ocean country of Madagascar find an outlet for their handicrafts in the U.S. through a project called Manna for Madagascar.

Doug and Monica Cox, missionaries with ELCA Global Mission, work with the women to produce Bazaar Kits with $500 in products that are distributed to churches to sell. Congregations pay nothing up front. They sell what they can and return what didn’t sell, along with the money collected, to the U.S. branch for the project, Manna USA.

The money then supports the ordering of more products to give the women more work, Monica Cox said. The women also receive training, education and spiritual nurture from the project, she said.

Assistance for the program comes primarily through congregations that support the Cox family as missionaries and companion synods to Madagascar synods. “Malagasy women [asked me] to help them find markets for their products because there are not enough sales opportunities [in Madagascar] to support all the wonderful handcrafts they can generate. Seeing the intense poverty here, I was very moved to do something about it,” Monica Cox said.


Karol Hitt Rowan

Karol Hitt Rowan

Posted at 8:02 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/1/2007

I am a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Willmington, DE.  A year ago we started a program which raises money solely for women's projects.  We have awarded our first grant (to the Kathryn Wolford Fund for Women) and are now looking for an organization to receive our second grant.  Our only stipulation is that the funds must go a women's project.  How would we go about  giving you money.  Thank you, Karol Hitt Rowan, 7 Newark Union Public RD, Wilmington, DE 19803

AND I am not a robot!

Jeanne van Rensburg

Jeanne van Rensburg

Posted at 5:05 pm (U.S. Eastern) 2/17/2010

I am starting a Christian based Fairtrade store in S.Florida and is interrested in the items from Madagascar-esp the woven baskets, hats.
Please contact me.

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