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Doing the impossible

That's what God expects from apostles who are filled with awe & wonder

There are those who had lived in that Jerusalem neighborhood all their lives who would swear that something different had definitely happened to that house. Most say they noticed a difference around the time of last year’s Pentecost celebration. That’s when the building that has come to be known as the House of the Holy Spirit began to affect some new people in some new ways.

Many remember the door to its upper room always being closed since the crucifixion incident during the last Passover. The followers of one of the men who was crucified—Jesus—would nervously come and go, would mostly keep to themselves. That’s why it was so different one morning when the neighbors saw the upper-room door open, a strange flickering light illuminating it, and shouts of unrestrained praise rushing out into the dawn.

Everyone in the upper room came tumbling out, babbling about their crucified leader being raised to life again by the power of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was that same God who they insist did miracles, wonders and signs through Jesus in the midst of the people. That same God, they said, is prepared to do miracles, wonders and signs in the midst of the people again. And is prepared to do them through ordinary people, in sometimes extraordinary ways.

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