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Mother mentors

One of the joys in our workplace is that we have colleagues at different stages in life. This results in more than casual “water cooler” conversation. Often the stories are fun and helpful.

So it is with mother/grandmother Sonia and relatively new mother Julie. Sonia’s three sons are 39, 37 and 33 (and her eight grandchildren range in age from 12 to almost 6 months). Julie’s children are 4, 1 and 1 (16-month old twins).

When Luke 13:31-35 came up as an e-newsletter lectionary text, both of us were drawn to the image of Jesus as mother hen. It’s no wonder, we delight in telling “mothering stories.”

Occasionally the mothering stories include some wisdom from Sonia regarding what is yet to come for Julie. As in, “Your kids will likely say they hate you, you know.” At least that’s what we talked about when discussing this text, which shows Jesus caring deeply about a Jerusalem that has killed its prophets and is threatening to kill him. Still, Jesus loves the city as a mother hen loves and gathers her chicks in to protect them.

For Sonia, this image of a hen gathering chicks brought to mind a vivid (albeit old) memory of one son saying in a fit of anger, “I hate you!” And her response, “Yes, you probably are angry at me right now and feel like you hate me. But I love you very much.”

For Julie, this was not good news.

But, alas, a very real possibility.

But back to this wonderful text: a hen gathering chicks. That’s what Jesus does for us. When we lash out, misbehave, even say hateful things to those we love most, God — the most loving parent imaginable — hugs, forgives and loves. Jesus keeps on loving and gathering us in — despite our rejection, anger and times of going our own way.

That is more than water-cooler wisdom. It’s good news for our children and grandchildren. It’s good news for all of us.

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