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Living in a diverse world

Challenges, yes, but opportunities abound

Living as a Christian in a country and a world rich with religious differences provides both opportunity and challenge.

The opportunity is to bear witness to our faith and learn about the religious beliefs and practices of others. What motivates us as Christians to move out of isolation and beyond mere tolerance to meaningful engagement with others is the heart of the Gospel narratives. Jesus continually crossed cultural and religious boundaries to enter into dialogue with others and bear witness to the kingdom of God.

The challenge is to trust that interreligious conversations can deepen rather than threaten our Christian faith. We must be willing to listen to the faith stories of others but also share our Scriptures and the meaning of being Christian. Such conversations invite dialogue and encourage faithfulness because we ask ourselves deep and abiding questions about who we are as Lutheran Christians. Our interreligious relationships are never in the abstract. They are about neighbors in a community sharing a meal, learning together, rebuilding shattered lives.

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